New Britain Museum of American Art

New Media: 
William DeLottie

February 17, 2017–May 28, 2017

A view of William DeLottie’s The Daydreaming Sea as it exists in his studio

The Museum’s forthcoming New Media exhibition presents a multi-media installation by Connecticut-based artist William DeLottie, entitled Day Dreaming Sea #3. The work comprises an immersive environment, in which a sequence of images is projected onto walls collaged with aluminum foil, doodles, paintings, and sculpture, resulting in an ever-shifting, abstract composition. As DeLottie describes, “when working on a piece, I am only interested in something unfamiliar or when something actually finds me.” The artist’s Day Dreaming Sea series, begun in 2012, evokes the illusory and associative nature of dreams and memory, and invites viewers to construct their own unique meanings inspired by the images and sensations experienced therein.