Exhibition: Future Emerging Art and Technology 14 April-17 June 2017 University of Dundee




14 April-17 June 2017

LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery, School of Life Sciences, Old Hawkhill, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland DD1 5EH

Underwater robots express distress at the pollution of the Earth’s waterways; a bacterium is cleaned of drug resistance and returned to its pre-antibio tic era state using CRISPR gene editing technology; an immersive installation gives an experience of the quantum realm through the simulation tools that are made to study it. These are three of the exhibits at a ground-breaking art-science exhibition opening at LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery at the University of Dundee on 14 April that offers artists’ perspectives on some of the very latest technologies being developed.

Entitled FUTURE EMERGING ART AND TECHNOLOGY, the exhibition presents a series of works of art created during collaborations between six internationally acclaimed artists and cutting-edge scientists. The artists were selected during an open process in March 2016 and paired with scientist groups working on European Union FET (Future Emerging Technologies) Open research projects such as exploring gene regulation, quantum physics, underwater robotics, carbon capture, and exascale computing. The works vary in form, from simulations and visualisations to performances and sculptures. The project is funded by FET and aims to give alternative perspectives on new technologies and make them widely accessible.