Art for Aleppo Postcard Show Update Haldane Middle School Cold Spring NY

Hello Art for Aleppo Artists,

 Here’s an update about our project from Russ, Carla and David.

 Thank you all for creating and donating your amazing art postcards. Everyone who has seen them have been profoundly moved and enthusiastic about the project. The reception at Catalyst gallery along with the panel discussion with Jeff Sniffen and Simon Dudar who are teachers at Haldane Middle School, and Lauretta Oleck who has spent time volunteering in Syrian refugee camps went spectacularly.

 Thanks to you we have raised $3,100 so far, all of which is helping the children of Syria.  You can see which cards sold on our website.

 Jeff and Simon were so inspired by your cards, they purchased some, and had us bring the project for a day of learning at their school, the Haldane Middle School.

 The cards from overseas were hung on a world map and the rest of the cards were hung around the classroom. Children from grades 5-8 had the chance to look at the cards both front and back, ask questions and brain storm ideas of their own. We also discussed the idea of turning anger in to positive action. After school, Parents and high schoolers also saw the project.

 High praise all around from all quarters and it looks like more donations are on their way. They are considering having more projects like this every year at Haldane as part of their curriculum. Haldane recently won Blue Ribbon status for their student volunteerism. So please keep your eyes and ears open for more projects in the future.

 We have also created a book of the cards on blurb for sale for $65. All proceeds will go to Save the Children Syria. You can see the book online.  There is a link to it on our website Please promote the book. We want this project to continue to have a life of its own.

 The next show is at Garnerville Art Center in West Haverstraw, NY during their Arts Festival on May 20 and 21 . We will be part of a panel discussion on taking action as artists. After this show, the sold cards will be sent to their new owners. Those that have not been sold will be promoted on Facebook. Our goal is to sell every single card.

 We are all so grateful to all of you. We could not have done this without you.

 Thank you,

The Art for Aleppo Team