Artist Canvas Terminology for Artist

Artist Canvas Terminology

Canvas — A tightly woven fabric often used as a substrate for painting.

Canvas Weight — The weight of a square yard of raw canvas usually stated in ounces, prior to priming.

Count — Number of yarns in warp and weft per square inch.

Loomstate — Raw canvas with no modifiers or additives.

Picked — Hand process of removing irregular and nubby yarns from raw canvas.

Plied Yarn — Twisting together of yarns into a single braid.

Pumiced — Hand process of rubbing raw or sized linen with pumice stones to achieve a smoother texture.

Strike-Through — Ground and/or sizing penetrating through into the back of the canvas.

Substrate/Support — Surface upon which any paint is applied (canvas, paper, wood, etc.)

Texture — The pattern of woven canvas modified by the degree of coarseness and uniformity of yarns.

Tooth — The abrasiveness of the surface (canvas, paper, ground) in terms of coarseness and porosity.

Warp — Yarns running the length of the canvas.

Welt — Yarns running the width of the canvas.