Here’s what’s happening this month at the The Museum of Modern Art

Artists in MoMA’s collection have explored family relationships in many ways: Florine Stettheimer created fantastical portraits of her family, Elizabeth Catlett celebrated the powerful bond that can exist between mothers and children, and Beatriz Gonzalez considered cultural representations of parenthood.


Andy Warhol loved the style of his mother Julia’s handwriting, and he often invited her to write words on his illustrations.


Try This: Create a drawing of something you enjoy, and invite a family member or friend to add words in their own handwriting. Switch roles and collaborate again!



Here’s what’s happening this month at the Museum:

tours for Fours

Animals in Art


Go wild as we explore creatures and critters in art!


For families with four-year-olds. Dates and details


A Closer Look for Kids

Places, Spaces, and Installations


Immerse yourself in modern and contemporary art, and take a closer look at creative spaces


For families with kids ages five to 10. Dates and details